Signature Ramen

Japan is currently seeing the end of the "Tonkotsu" (pork bone broth) ramen.
The latest trend is now the popular "Dashi"-based ramen, whose
soup stock is derived from "Kombu" (edible kelp) and dried goods which
are both items most favored amongst Japanese people.
"Dashi noodles" made from such Dashi ingredients, combined with a
hearty presentation of nearly 32 types of spices and a large assortment
of ingredients, are used by Japanese ENISHI staff members to provide
customers with 2 Michelin-worthy "Dandan noodle" menu courses with high
quality identical to that seen in Japan.

ENISHI culinary staff consists solely of actual Japanese chefs who are
dedicated to the use of Japanese ingredients. This devotion to Japanese
authenticity extends to aspects such as "Donburi" bowls, ENISHI's
equipment, and even to the staff's very uniforms

Business hours end when soup sells out


Opening hours daily
10 Anson Road #02-85A, International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Monday to Sunday / 11:00am-3pm 6pm-9pm
Including public holiday.
(Note: will be closed daily once sold out limited soup)

DanDan Noddles restaurant
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ENISHI, a ramen restaurant which has received the "Michelin Bib
Gourmand" award in Kobe, Japan, has opened in the International Plaza inSingapore.
The concept of ENISHI, "faithful presentation of Japan," is achieved
through the constant, exclusive employment of Japanese staff.
This provides customers with the enjoyment of Japanese cuisine in an
atmosphere which conjures images of dining in a high-class traditional Japanese restaurant.
While being a small-sized restaurant with a 9-seat
counter, we at ENISHI look forward to seeing you and serving you the "Japanese experience"!


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10 Anson Road #02-85A International Plaza Singapore 079903

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